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What is Reiki All About?

There are millions of people in the world today practicing Reiki both on themselves and on others. Those who have reached Level 3 of the Reiki Scale are known as Reiki Masters and can teach art to others and practice healing on people.

Many people I meet ask me what is Reiki? What does it do? and where can I learn it? In this article, I will seek to provide answers to these questions. If you want to learn about Reiki, then you can check out various online sources.

1) Reiki is an energy that was discovered by a man called Master Mikao during a meditation retreat in the mountains. At that moment, he managed to open his crown chakra and received enormous energy.

What he has discovered is a healing energy that he can use for himself and for others, transmissible through touch. He was so excited by what he went through that he was inspired to teach others.

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In addition to healing, Reiki energy could be transmitted from one person to another, so that in turn it becomes the mistress and heals others. The lineage continues until today.

2) Reiki is essentially healing energy and the use of its energy to cure all kinds of ailments has been successful.

The person receiving the Reiki usually stays flat while the practitioner places his hands on his chakra points and transmits that loving energy into his body. People generally report feeling relaxed and warm, as well as reporting improvements in their problems.