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What is the best Public Transit or to Drive?

Some people insist on driving their own vehicles while many use public transportation.

More and more people are getting on buses to cope with soaring gasoline prices while others feel the need to pay more to travel in their own car. You can also look for best public transit in South Florida via

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Some people may feel uncomfortable sitting next to someone they don't know.It may make more sense to use public transport if you live in a very congested city where it is almost impossible to find a parking space.

Big cities like usually have excellent public transportation systems. People who live in busy areas and with limited parking space prefer to take the bus or the red line.

If you don't like walking in public, buses may not be for you. Some people may feel uncomfortable walking to a bus stop for safety reasons or when they want to dress and wear high heels. Hearing other people's conversations can also be distracting.

However, if you rely on public transportation, you don't have to worry about paying for car insurance or vehicle maintenance which can be expensive.

Additional costs associated with owning a vehicle can include: cleaning and registration fees, which can be substantial.

If you want to save money and require no maintenance, and don't mind sitting next to strangers, listening to their conversations, and walking in public, public transportation may be for you.

However, if privacy is of utmost importance to you and you are easily disturbed by others, it may be a good idea to bring your own car, even if it is more expensive.