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When Do You’ll Need Physical Therapy?

If you have recently had a work-related injury, collapsed, accident, or been hospitalized for cardiovascular disease, you may be wondering if and how physical therapy can help you. You can consult a physical therapist for specialized care for your physical therapy needs.

When do you need physical therapy?

If you have recently been treated for an accident or illness, they may offer physical therapy to help you recover. Other people who have had the exact same types of injuries repeatedly or find recovery is not progressing on their own may also choose to see a physical therapist encourage greater recovery.

People often seek the help of a physical therapist with back and knee injuries, shoulder and neck problems, sprains and strains, and hip fractures.

In addition, physical therapy has also proven beneficial for pregnant women, as well as for those who have recently given birth or for others who are recovering from surgery.

Elderly people who are also recovering from a stroke are also often referred to a physical therapist to regain use of certain muscle groups and restore function lost in multiple locations. There are many types of physical therapists who can help people from almost any group.

For patients with back injuries, hip fractures, and those with other types of fractures, an orthopedic physical therapist can assist with recovery, reduce the risk of injury to the exact same area again, and also shorten the healing time. This type of physical therapist also helps with various sports injuries.