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Why Do We Need Fillers in Supplements?

As a responsible and intelligent person, you probably spend a lot of time reading and understanding product labels before buying any vitamins or supplements. Finally, it's important to be aware of every ingredient that you put into your body.

But while you may focus on active ingredients and other relevant health information, there are times you look at the bottom of the label and wonder, "OK, what exactly is 'Other Ingredients'?" You can also navigate to this website if you want to get capsule filling & loader machines online.

If you have, you are not alone. Many people worry about these additives in their supplements – what are they, is they safe to eat, and why should they be included at all? Sometimes the ingredients used to make the capsules (such as gelatin, vegetable cellulose, etc.) are included.


Excipients, also known as diluents or carriers, are mainly used as excipients to add a substance so that the capsule or tablet size is filled in the correct proportions. This makes it easier to consume a very small amount of active ingredients.


As the name suggests, binders are used to hold additives together. Without a binder, compressed tablets and additives can easily crumble, break, tear or crumble. Binders are also used to add volume to low-dose active tablets.

Liquid funds

Liquid funds are ingredients that are added to additives to make the manufacturing process more efficient. They typically consist of powdered excipients such as non-toxic lubricants and anti-clotting agents that are used to help tablets and capsules go through processing steps with minimal consistency.