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Choose Your Expat Health Insurance According To Your Stay Abroad

Leaving the native country can be very difficult. But, your health security cannot be separated from you because it is your most dynamic and unpredictable part.

That is why it is increasingly important to buy a global expat health insurance package according to your needs, length of stay abroad and budget.

Most migrant health insurance schemes may have different time durations for individual policies, regardless of the variance, but are usually divided into two main branches – short and long term health insurance.

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Because expatriates do not necessarily meet the norms of local health insurance that seek coverage in their home countries and foreign countries is a trend that is often observed among expatriates.

Short Term Expat Health Insurance

Short-term expatriate health insurance programs offered by major insurance providers can range from only 5 days to 3 years. This specifically designed international health travel insurance that is cheaper and may not have an annual policy feature especially recommended for expatriates traveling abroad for several weeks or days.

Long Term Expat Health Insurance

As the name suggests, these expatriate insurance premiums generally offer protection throughout the world with a minimum one-year policy requirement. This kind of international travel insurance is the best for expatriates who plan to stay in a foreign country for a longer period of time. In addition, this type of package can also protect you in your country and allow for several visits a year.