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Ford Mustang Tuning For A Wonderful Driving Experience

If you have a Mustang and you want to make it stronger and more aggressive from many aspects, then I guess you will consider the Ford Mustang Tuning in a moment. But let us learn more about this muscle car, before replacing its grandeur. Get to know more about Ford Edge, F-150, Focus, Fusion, GT and Mustang via Ford 0-60 Times.

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1970 Mustang is on his way to take revenge with the new Ford model carved for this year. This is a very cruel machine and really very good at nailing down the competition. It doesn't matter if you are a big fan of other supercars out there, this is something that has its own aura and just by looking at it you will immediately fall in love with it.

Many people rushed to buy this new model that Ford had prepared for sale because they were sure of the addition they would see on their TV and the fact that more and more people decided to get it. It's like a chain reaction that will suck you up like a magnet that attracts iron.

The problem is that in 1968 General Motors executive, Mister Semon Bunkie Knudsen who was the person behind the Pontiac project on the revival of the brand now became president of Ford. He also brought along a number of his assistants including Larry Shinoda (a stylist) who worked on the Z28 project that removed the Trans 68 Mustang and 69 Trans AM Mustangs from the winning throne.

Thus the new Mustang Boss was built to meet the requirements as a Trans AM street racing engine. When it comes to the type of engine this model is used, it is 302 CID V8 that has been modified for a higher level of performance, featuring a large port cylinder head which is also used in the amazing Cleveland 251.