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How To Choose Pennsylvania DUI Lawyer

If you are arrested for DUI, your next step could truly impact your life. You should not take the chance of handling a DUI charge on your own, as it is not something to be tackled on your own. You need to consult a Pennsylvania DUI lawyer at Panighetti Law that will guide you to free from the case.

To find a reputable lawyer, you'll need to know the questions you should ask a lawyer. 

To begin with, does this attorney specialize in DUI cases? Only a lawyer that handles these types of cases on a regular basis will know how to properly evaluate the evidence. They will evaluate if you were unlawfully stopped, improperly tested, or unjustly arrested.

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You must consider the experience of a Pennsylvania DUI, whether educational or professional.  You must take into a point for how long he has been practicing law, and how many DUI clients he has represented. 

Other questions include whether or not he has worked with the prosecutor in your case before, or if he has practiced negotiating plea agreements before, and how often they take DUI cases to court.

It's in your best interest to ask an attorney if he has someone else from his firm to work on your case, and how your case will be managed. They should be able to tell which circumstances will work against you, and which ones work in your favor.

Don't simply consider cost when looking to hire an attorney, there are many factors that should be taken into account, all of which could impact the outcome.