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Know All About FDA

The Food and Drug Administration started in June 1906 when President Teddy Roosevelt sign the Food and Drug Administration and entrust application of these laws to the US Department of Agriculture's Bureau of Chemistry. The Bureau, the oldest consumer service in the United States,

Over the years, the Food and Drug Administration has provided America with increasingly comprehensive, science-based protection that ensures high-quality essential products for health and survival. You may check out FDA drug label requirement by searching online.

Today, these products account for nearly 25% of all consumer spending and covers 80% of the national shipment of food and all human pharmaceuticals, vaccines, medical devices, tissue transplants, radiation transmitters, cosmetics, and veterinary and food medicines.

In 2001, the Food and Drug Administration employed approximately 9,100 people, including chemists, pharmacologists, doctors, microbiologists, veterinarians, pharmacists, lawyers and many others.

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About one-third of the Food and Drug Administration's workforce is located outside the Washington District, DC, with more than 150 field offices and laboratories, including five regional offices and 20 district offices.

The Food and Drug Administration oversees the production, import, transportation, storage, and sale of approximately $ 1 trillion worth of products each year at a tax rate of about $ 3 per person. Investigators and monitors visit more than 16,000 facilities annually and agree with the state government to increase the number of facilities inspected.

The Food and Drug Administration consists of several components, including:

* Food safety and applied nutrition

* Evaluation and research of drugs

* Equipment and radiological health

* Evaluation and research of biological preparations

* Veterinary medicine

* Field operations / regulatory issues

* Toxicology test