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Learn About The Future of Special Needs Trusts In Arizona

Parents and families with children with special needs, such as those with mental or physical disabilities, are most concerned about what will happen to the child if the parent is unable to care for them. These children often receive government benefits such as housing, medicine, and care.

The existence of a trust or inheritance can cause a child with special needs to lose their government benefits. This problem can be solved by parents using special needs trusts. You should visit for a consultation and learn more about the special needs trust in Arizona.

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Different eligibility requirements may apply to governmental programs for persons with disabilities in different states, counties, and federal governmental programs. If a person is suffering from social security disability and has made substantial contributions to the system, there may not be any income or assets limits that may apply.

The special needs trust was created to provide a trust that can meet the limited needs of special children without affecting their government benefits. Traditional "special needs", which is often used to pay for vacation travel, often does not cover food or housing.

Contrary to the focus on government welfare benefits, a well-drafted Special Needs Trust can be very flexible and allow the trustee to pay almost any need that the beneficiary may have.

A properly administered special needs trust is a private social network that can be used by parents to advocate for their children's rights and provide them with quality of life.