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Performance Engineering And Its Impact on Business

As companies increasingly use digital platforms to trade their goods, the choice in front of customers is increasing every day. In this context, the online visibility of a company is important because customers can virtually access the products or services the company offers.

Regardless of how user-friendly a company's digital user interface is, any issue with the performance of a website or app can lead to unintended consequences for the company, from loss of revenue to loss of trust to brand image.

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To solve such dire coincidences, performance engineering must become part of the design and architecture of digital interfaces. Performance engineering can test and validate the performance and responsiveness of an application or website to increased user traffic "loads".

Companies with digital platforms face a number of challenges that could put them at risk or, in the worst case, leave them unemployed. One challenge can be a sudden spike in customer traffic that can put tremendous pressure on the system. These sudden spikes in system load can make them run very slowly or cause downtime.

Such unpredictable system behavior can delay customers, result in reduced or no sales, and discourage them from visiting the website or using the app in the future. This can damage the company's brand image and reliability.

Performance testing can be of great help in such cases. In this process, the performance tester tests the system or its parts to ensure that all parameters are functional in case of sudden stress. This test also checks and validates whether the system is scalable if necessary.