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Placing A Loved One In A Private Care Home

It can be the most difficult decision in any adult's life: accepting that an elderly parent requires care beyond that which they can themselves provide.

The alternative, however, is daunting; placing a parent into a private nursing support home is something many vows never to do and breaking that promise is an understandably painful ordeal.  

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Feeling guilty is, unfortunately, an inevitable part of the process, but being realistic and considering the necessity of the situation may ease the stress.

 Remember, it is unlikely that you will be able to match the level of care provided by the professionals in a private home; you are doing what is ultimately the best and kindest thing for your loved one.

In fact, most private care homes are wonderful establishments, caring for residents like one big second family. Moving into a home immediately combats the isolation associated with living independently and provides the opportunity for new friendships to grow.

Additionally, research finds that while no one likes change- the elderly in particular, people adapt quickly to new surroundings. Just make sure you visit and call regularly.

Finding the right area is essential and demands a great deal of time and examination. All good private care homes will happily allow you to take a look round, though a top tip is to turn up unannounced, to observe how the home really operates.

Do the staff and residents seem happy? Trust your instincts, if you don't get a good feeling about a place, then move on.