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Read About Automotive Window Tint

The automotive window tint is so simple. Automotive window tinting isn't difficult but it requires a lot of attention. This is not something for people with short attention spans.

Automotive window tint is difficult to apply because of its relationship to geometry. It would be easy if all windows were made of flat slabs. You simply need to apply a flat sheet of plastic to a sheet of glass and call it done. You can also choose Ceramic Window Tint for Wholesale & get Free Quote online.

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Most auto glass is made of curved surfaces and is therefore not flat. For practice, wrap a piece of paper around a tennis ball to show how this can cause problems when tinting windows.

To successfully match the flat surface of the tint film with the curvature in the window, it takes a lot of care. This is often done by cutting small relief triangles from the window tint's edges. The triangle should be exactly straight on both sides and the same length otherwise anomalies may be apparent.

Window tinting is a simple process in principle. First, you must make sure that the window is clean. It does not have to be indexed or wiped clean. To remove any oil, dirt, glue, or other residues that have not been removed by a light application of glass cleaner, the entire window must be scrapped. You can even search online for more information about automotive window tints.