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Most Common Dog Training Mistakes

Once you have considered your dog exercise and diet, you should consider the overall socialization of your dog. Well-socialized dogs are easier to train.

Try to get your dog to know where he can meet other people and dogs. Your dog needs to know how to interact normally with others. Make sure that you do not accidentally helpful bad behavior. You can find professional dog training in Chapel Hill via

You do not want to try to calm the puppy when she is afraid. Nothing will help convince him sooner that there actually is something to be afraid of. Do not pet the dog when they do something bad, no matter how funny it is. You do not want to pet the dog jumping on you, for example. Teach manners your dog with other dogs and with people.

It is always best to do things as soon as your dog to do something so that he can make the connection. Even clicking the clicker at the wrong time can give your dog the wrong information. Although the training should be fun you should try to stay focused.

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Make sure that you click and treat, or praise for what you want. Consistency and time are very important or your dog may be confused.

If you feed your dog high levels of protein they should be able to use that energy. Otherwise, you will increase the energy level of your dog – more behavioral and training problems.