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Roatan is Best Place for Vacation

Roatan was a famed stronghold for those pirates who plied the West Indies in search of Spanish galleons filled with silver and gold. An abundant source of freshwater and food, along with the island’s countless hidden coves and inlets, given the buccaneers together with all the ideal hideout.

These days, however, when you venture into Roatan, all that expects you’re turquoise waters, white-sand shores, along with a mountain background. Find out more details about roatan resorts via

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Present-day islanders, that would be the friendly descendants of those pirates, runaway slaves, colonists, and indigenous Indians speak a lilting Caribbean English. And really, refer to themselves as English.

Long called a diver’s paradise, Roatan stays off the beaten trail, and the laid back, tropical ambiance makes for a relaxing holiday. A vast assortment of facilities accommodate varying budgets, and varied attractions appeal to travelers of all ages.

Geography and Location

Roatan forms a part the Bay Islands of Honduras, an archipelago of three big islands, three little islands, and above 60 cays, that can be situated a mere 30 miles from the mainland. It’s the biggest island at approximately 30 miles long and from a few miles broad. A little mountain ridge runs across the back of the island that provides expansive ocean vistas.

Main attractions

Roatan boasts the many beaches in the Bay Islands. When there are lots of scenic beaches, West End Village along with the magnificent West Bay Beach have long been favorites of the two tourists and travelers. Grab the water taxi from West End to West Bay for Additional fun!

Scuba diving and snorkeling are, undoubtedly, Roatan’s prime attractions. The reef system creates a part of this second-largest reef on the planet and is home to all their marine life found in the Caribbean.