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Tips For Students Seeking Apartments

Whether you've just received UF or spent the last year in the dorms, you now have the opportunity to choose where to live next year and want to make the most of it.

In the past, there is a clear connection between the distance of the campus classroom space and rental rates as the market has been generally stable. The landlord, however, recent overbuilding, cutting UF enrollment and down economy has led it to take a different approach dramatically for the price.

One effect has been that students who would never think to look close to campus because of the high prices find great deals. Another is that the apartments were built during the "boom years" of 2004-2008 have difficulty being competitive because of high construction costs and the expectation that rental rates will continue to rise. Therefore it is advisable to get help from some rental agencies. Finding the best apartments for rent near temple university through agents can save time.

"Walking to class" vs. "just a short bike ride" versus "take the bus"

In terms of proximity to classes, you can choose your apartment based on these three categories. This is important to know about each category:

"Walking to class" means you really can go home * between class *, to lunch, to get what you need for the next class, etc. There are various benefits of other small, as if it was pouring rain you do not have to worry about traffic or navigation soaking wet on a bike.

"Just a short bike ride" means you are within half a mile and can ride your bike to get to class. You may also be able to park on the street at this point because you are far enough away from campus.