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Sliding Door Handle Repair Specialists in Orange County

A damaged sliding-door handle can be an unpleasant problem, especially if you have to make an emergency repair from a local hardware store. Sliding doors and door hardware can break at the worst times possible, leaving you to look for options that will get your sliding door back in working order over a Saturday night.

With professional sliding door repair, you’ll feel as if you have one less thing to worry about. These services specialize in repairing all types of broken sliding door hardware and replacing them quickly often on the same day that you called. Don’t live with a broken sliding-door handle any longer. You can immediately contact the best mechanics for your sliding door handle repair via

These professionals take care of all types of patio sliding glass door handles. Whether you want them to fix the handle lock and latch or replace it completely, they ensure perfection in every job they do! 

Most handles have two parts: the strike plate, which stays fixed in place, and the handle itself, which you hold onto while you open or close the door. Sliding door handles for your patio door can become loose on the strike plate or fall off after years of use. The biggest culprit is the screws that hold the handle on. These screws can work their way loose and eventually fall out. The good news is that you can fix the issue in no time! 

When your sliding door starts giving you a hard time, the main culprit is usually the latch that holds it closed. The latch consists of a handle in which you insert a spring-loaded metal pin that locks into the track of the door frame. This keeps the door from opening when you don’t want it to. However, if the spring breaks or tracks misaligns, it can become difficult to keep it locked, causing security issues. Don’t worry because professional sliding door specialists have the expertise and equipment to resolve these issues without breaking a sweat.