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The Differences in Trucking Jobs

Many people are looking for heavy haul trucking jobs. However, many do not even realize how many different types of work trucks are there. Make sure you know what kind of work you might be interested in and what it entails before you go for the interview. You need to register yourself, heavy haul trucking jobs hiring now through

Solo Company Driver – As the name indicates, if you are a driver rather new (6 months to 1 year of driving) that drive it, you are considered a solo driver. You are a company driver if you do not have a truck, but it is owned by your employer.

Company Team Driver – This refers to a truck driver who does not own a truck but works for a company and drives in a team (two drivers in the truck). This may be a great option to consider if you want to take a good friend or significant other on the street that also has their CDL; driver team in very high demand and many companies will even pay extra for team driving.

Solo Owner Operator – An owner-operator is a driver who has his own truck and drive away. Companies that require additional drivers will contract with freelance drivers. Typically, the owner-operator has more experience of driving and the company has been able to obtain their own truck (or a fleet of trucks) for many years. the owner operator may even have their own team of truckers contracted (with the truck) for companies that need their services driving.