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Types of Wheelchair Ramps

In short, a wheelchair ramp is simply defined as an inclined plane installed in addition to or in replacement of stairs. Their function is to enable wheelchair users, in addition to those who are utilizing carts, strollers, or other wheeled items, for relatively simple access to some building.

Threshold ramps for wheelchairs can also be made in several variations because what is important is they are sometimes helpful.


A threshold wheelchair ramp is very beneficial in a residential setting, in which just about every single outdoor terrace has some type of threshold that has to be overcome by means of a wheelchair user to enter and exit any building. This type of ramp is available in many distinct sizes, so ensure that the one you choose will fit in your door.

Such wheelchair ramps are considered to be the most flexible of all types. It is available in a wide assortment of designs and many sizes. If you're looking for something that's rather cheap, then a mobile ramp for a wheelchair can do the trick for you personally. But besides the prices, it also provides a number of other benefits on the permanent ramp.

For one thing, a mobile ramp is quite practical for people who regularly visit their locality. For another, it may also be used for simple access to a van. That being said, a wheelchair user wants help in distributing the ramp as it would be very hard to carry it alone.

As the name suggests, a vehicle wheelchair ramp enables the wheelchair user relatively easy access to vans and buses. This sort of ramp has lots of designs to select from and may function either mechanically, electrically, or even manually. In addition, it may be permanently connected to the interior of a car for convenience