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Using A Concrete Slab Foundation For Shed

Just like your house, a wood storage shed needs to sit on a foundation. Of the two most common types of foundations, which are the concrete slab and the wooden skid foundation, the slab is somewhat more elaborate. Concrete slab foundation for shed is also known as slab-on-grade foundation. 

The concrete slab, when used as a storage shed floor, will be 3.5 to 4.5 inches thick with a perimeter or base 8 to 12 inches thick. 

The depth of the slab, the type of metal reinforcement, the amount and type of gravel used for the sub-base, and also the type of moisture barrier used may vary depending on local building codes.  You can get concrete slab foundations from companies like MAXRaft.

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In general, the entire base of the slab can be poured at one time using a wooden formwork. When used in cold climates, above-grade slab foundations can only be used for detached sheds. Foundations, because they sit on top of the ground, are susceptible to frost in cold weather. If the building was attached, frost heave could cause damage to the attached building.

The shed concrete floor slab requires quite a bit of concrete, so it is beneficial to have it delivered by cement truck to the backyard job site by a local ready-mix company. Most ready-mix concrete companies have a limit of one yard before they deliver. 

Air-entrained concrete is best for an exterior slab and the ready-mix company will mix it for you if you let them know how it's being used. If you are pouring a smaller slab, you can rent a concrete trailer from a rental store or landscaping company.  Finishing a large slab can be quite tricky if you haven't worked with concrete before, so you may need help with the pour.