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What is electrolysis treatment?

Unwanted hair growth is normal and can occur at any time. Women may have more hair than men due to their genes. Some people may become hairier as a result of long-term illness or medication. 

There are many ways to get rid of unwanted hair, including waxing, threading, and hair removal creams. These methods can be temporary and require regular treatments. Sugaring and waxing can be painful. 

After a while, you may need to repeat the procedure. People are turning to permanent hair removal methods, such as electrolysis. If you also want to have electrolysis treatment by professionals then you can visit

 Electrolysis Clinic


Electrolysis uses electricity to remove hairs. Electrolysis is permanent hair removal. This is in contrast to traditional hair removal methods. Your hair won't grow back. Electrolysis is more expensive than traditional methods. It may cost less to use electrolysis for hair removal than traditional methods over a lifetime, as it only needs to be done once.

Electrolysis is a process that uses electrical shocks to stimulate hair follicles. This happens for every hair follicle. An electrolysis machine is attached first with a small needle. The needle is then inserted into the hair follicle along the shaft. The hair's root or Papilla is then destroyed. After a few days, the hair will fall out or be lost.

There are many home electrolysis kits, but it is best to have a trained technician do the treatment. Electrolysis can be frustrating because it requires patience to place the needle correctly.