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What is Holistic Health and What are the Benefits For Me?

The word "holistic" seems to be very popular lately. You may have heard about holistic dentists, holistic practitioners, holistic study courses, holistic nurses, and treatment. Just type the word "holistic" and you will find more than 80 million results. But what does the word holistic really mean? How can you apply it to your life?

The American Holistic Health Association defines the word "holistic" as, "to promote optimal health and as a by-product, to prevent and treat disease. Certified holistic health practitioners and services such as help others to promote optimal health by giving them knowledge, functional plans and to be followed and motivational support, with lifestyle modification.

Some modifications most often consist of changing their diet, helping them build good sleep, reducing stress, increasing their activities, and learning to love themselves unconditionally and overcome dangerous relationships. As you can see, holistic health or "overall" health involves seeing all people: body, mind, and spirit and helping them reduce symptoms by finding the root cause of their problems.

The main treatment method when choosing holistic health practitioners is to empower patients to heal themselves by overcoming the causes of their illness and facilitating lifestyle changes through health promotion. The difference in this type of treatment and allopathic or western medicine as it is often called is that allopathic doctors are regular M.Ds, only deal with physical symptoms and do not address the root cause.

The last time you visited your primary health care doctor and complained about something, do you remember them trying to find out why or taking out their notebooks and prescribing the first medicine that came to mind? Usually, the last one. We begin to see more of their MSDs or nurses asking more questions about lifestyle but we must remember that a typical four-year medical school only requires three nutritional class credits. That's ONE nutrition class. Holistic health practitioners require about two years of nutrition class.