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Wheelchair Accessible Porta Potty? What Exactly It Is?

As a famous figure once said, "you gotta go." Sadly, however, going outside to the nearest bathroom is not so easy for many disabled people, and finding a neat and clean one can be even tougher. To help ease some of the pressure surrounding this issue, place solutions, announced their latest creation: the wheelchair-accessible Porta Potty!

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What is a wheelchair-accessible porta potty?

A wheelchair-accessible porta potty is a toilet that is designed to be used by people who are wheelchair-limited. They're typically easier to use than traditional toilets, as they have wider entrances and shorter distances between the toilet and the sink. They're also often equipped with grab bars and other features that make them easier to use by people with disabilities.

What are the Benefits of this Portable Toilet?

There are benefits to using a wheelchair-accessible porta potty. The main benefit is that it is much easier for someone in a wheelchair to use than a regular toilet. 

How much does it cost to rent one?

Wheelchair-accessible porta potties can be rented for a few dollars per day.

What are some alternatives to a wheelchair-accessible porta potty?

There are many alternatives to a wheelchair-accessible port-a-potty, and each one has its benefits. You may also find the different options on this website  Another option that you can consider is using a portable toilet trailer. These trailers can be towed by a car or truck and have a bathroom on board. They are perfect for events with large crowds, such as concerts or festivals. Portable toilets also come in handy when camping or hiking. Another alternative is using a loaner bathroom van. These vans are usually parked near the event site and are equipped with a bathroom and shower. Event organizers can request a van to be available for their attendees, and people with mobility disabilities can use it without having to wait in line or carry their own supplies. Finally, some venues offer specially designed portable toilets that are specifically designed for wheelchair users. These toilets are often lighter weight and easier to use than traditional porta-potties.