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Why You Should Install Solar Panel In Your House?

There are so many solar companies that each produce their own type of solar panel, the selection was somewhat exaggerated. Anyone who is looking to buy and install an efficient energy solution must look at all the different variations of the products that are out there and make decisions based on the function and the size and scope of the project.

solar energy

Many solar systems are mounted to the meter that keeps track of all electricity generated. This device is what is referred to as a two-way meter dash and can also be used to push the energy back to the grid. 

Any excess solar energy that is not immediately consumed by the system owner will then be redirected back to the grid through the meter is bi-directional. 

With all types of solar panel systems, each of which has its own level of efficiency and there is a lot of variability between manufacturers. The average solar panel system is capable of about 11 to 15 per cent efficiency (high-efficiency panel is, the smaller the surface area required for installation of the panel), so this is a good range to consider when buying solar panel systems.

Some of the most efficient panel systems can achieve up to 19% efficiency which is very impressive in terms of capable of generating electricity.