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Benefits of Mouth Guards for Athletes

When it comes to preventing sports-related concussions in children, the first thought of a parent is to buy the most technologically advanced headset on the market.

Shock absorbent foam pads and titanium faceguard goes a long way, but many people use wrong or forget the most important piece of protection, mouth guard, said dentures providers. You can get the best sports mouth guard in Vaughan at

The benefits of wearing a mouthguard during contact sports cannot be repeated enough. They go well beyond the mere provision of protection. With the current advances in technology, they can enhance an athlete’s performance and increase strength.

Mouthguards are dental devices made from acrylic that are worn on the teeth to protect the soft tissues of the mouth (lips, cheeks, tongue gums) and hard tissue (teeth and jaw bone).

Sports guards come in a variety of types: stock, boil and bite and custom.

The most cost-effective mouth guard is called a stock guard. They can be found in most sporting goods stores, are of limited sizes and are the least protection. They are usually too big for the athlete, which means they do not have retention and should be maintained in the mouth, biting.

Boil and bite mouthguards can also be found in most sporting goods stores and require the user to boil the guard in water and form their teeth with the finger, tongue and biting pressure. Sometimes they do not cover all the back teeth and as the user keeps stock trim down for comfort.