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Safety Tips to Avoid Any Form of Bursting of Frozen Pipe

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During the winter, freezing of water lines take place which is considered normal. However, if you leave it without noticing the problem, things can become costly where in some cases even an explosion. The explosion occurs due to expansion of ice on the pipes between the frozen point and faucet. Make sure you prevent this problem from happening by following these tips.

  1. Do Insulation – Garage, attic and crawlspaces should be insulation with the help of either using a newspaper or foam insulating sleeves. A pro tip would be to get it done just before the arrival of winter season.
  2. Close the Garage Door – If you own a garage, then make sure you close all the door especially if it is located close to water lines. This will ensure cold wind and air does not enter.
  3. Open the Cabinet Door – The cabinet door located underneath the sink shouldn’t be left closed allowing water from the faucet to keep dripping. The open cabinet air should also allow circulation of warm air inside to avoid any form of freezing.
  4. The Thermostat Should be Kept Above 55 Degree Celsius – In the event of you traveling during the winter, make sure you keep the thermostat above 55 degree Celsius. Furthermore, do not forget to shut the main water supply to be on the safer side.
  5. Get Professional Help – You can always consider hiring a professional when it comes to getting fixing problem like this. A great way to search for a pro plumber is to head over to Google and type in ‘Coffs Harbour plumbers near me’ to get the best results.